Airport Administration

Smith Reynolds Airport Board

Smith Reynolds Airport Board

The Smith Reynolds Airport is managed and operated by Forsyth County. Each of the seven voting and three non-voting members of the board are appointed by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners for a term of three years.


The Smith Reynolds Airport Board assists the County in the governance and operation of Smith Reynolds Airport.

The Airport Board has been delegated the authority to:
-Execute leases with terms between one and ten years, including amendments to leases, except for extensions beyond 10 years
-Adopt Airport policies, rules and regulations
-Establish annual rates, charges and fees
-Submit a recommended budget to the Board of County Commissioners
-Provide advice regarding the hiring and firing of an airport director
-Promote the Smith Reynolds Airport as an economic development asset. including branding, marketing and community outreach

Members and Non-Voting Staff Person(s)

Members are appointed by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.

Currently Serving

Name Title Term Expires
Ms. Gayle Anderson 12/31/2024
Mr. Michael Baughan non-voting 12/31/2021
Mr. Mark R Davidson Airport Director
Mr. Perry G Hudspeth 12/31/2022
Ms. Cynthia W Jeffries 12/31/2023
Mr. Ian "Ted" T Kaplan 12/31/2021
Mr. Clarence R Lambe Jr. 12/31/2022
Mr. Thomas F McKim 12/31/2023
Mr. Jed McMillan non-voting 12/31/2021
Mr. Nicholas F Pierce 12/31/2024

Providing a safe, efficient, and convenient aviation facility at Winston-Salem, Forsyth County and the Western Piedmont.

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